For an America with Zero Hunger

Organized by the J3L Foundation, the J3L Project seeks to drive additional food products to families and individuals in need through the sponsorship of innovative Charitable Giving programs that leverage smartphone App based grocery platforms.

The J3L Project to Address Hunger is a Fiscally Sponsored program of Community Initiatives.

Platform Partners

Whenever you order, consider giving something to a local family in need.

Everything helps

No gift is too small, anything helps. from Toothpaste to Toilet paper, Oranges to Power Bars.

Programs in Development

Buy One Get One Redistribution

Ever get a BOGO you just don't need? Why not give it to a family in need using our two-click process in the Shopping App?

Buy One Give One

Have you ever thought to yourself "It would be great if I could give actual food, and/or Essential Household items directly to families in need? Well now you can! Choose any item or combination of items in your App based Shopping cart, or duplicate your entire cart for charity!