A New Approach to Ending Hunger

J3L Foundation is innovating technology to feed families, while investing in boots-on-the-ground help for our neighbors in need.

As a family foundation, J3L is on a mission to help end hunger in the United States. We’re addressing often overlooked challenges with solutions like these:

• Improved organizational processes to ensure food gets to the families who need it fast
• Software tools to help overwhelmed organizations and busy donors
• Innovative software that allows consumers to directly give in meaningful, everyday ways
• Financial investments in existing solutions that improve food relief nationwide

Commercial Food Donation

In line with our goal to invest in
existing programs that solve food insecurity, the J3L Foundation has made a strategic investment in Copia.

The technology Copia has developed allows businesses to safely donate their excess food, decreasing food waste while increasing access to relief for local charities. The process gives businesses access to enhanced tax deductions, as well as providing actionable data to inform food purchasing decisions—creating a win-win for both businesses and local food relief charities.

Food for All

Here in Florida, we’re spearheading our family mission with the J3L Project, a strategic investment of the Foundation.

Working to reinvent the delivery of food relief to millions of Americans, we’re upleveling organizational processes and introducing software that helps families in our home state.

Buy One Get One Donation Delivery

Everyday Giving

The J3L Foundation is taking obstacles out of the way so donors can give effortlessly with a smartphone app. Presently
in development at the Foundation, our Buy One Give One program allows consumers to buy extra items for those in need while shopping for themselves in their
grocery delivery app of choice. From personal hygiene to pantry staples, each item makes a difference, and the software’s ease of use ensures repeat giving.

Buy One Give One

Software for Sales

Similar to our Buy One Give One
program, our food redistribution software, Buy One Get One Donation Delivery, allows consumers to take advantage of BOGO grocery sales and donate the extra free item. Don’t need the second bag of chips from that buy-1-get-1-free special? Take the discount on the first bag and give the extra one to your
local food pantry with one click in your favorite grocery delivery app. The Buy One Get One Donation Delivery software is currently in development at the