Our Vision

It takes a village to raise a child. As a lifelong resident of Miami-Dade County in Florida, I’ve had the privilege to live in a community that takes this saying to heart. That means taking action when children and their families are in need, both here in Florida and across the United States.

Recent data by Feeding America reveals that 10.3% of Miami-Dade County residents are food insecure. We’re determined to decrease the number of hungry families here at home and nationwide.

My family and I started the J3L Foundation, a domestic nonprofit corporation, to help people who are struggling with food insecurity so they can live productive, healthy lives. We do this through the sponsorship and development of innovative giving programs, as we leverage smartphone app-based food delivery and logistics platforms. 

All our efforts are aimed at helping food insecure families succeed because:

  • Hunger and food insecurity directly correlate with poverty and deficiencies in areas of education, health, and wages. 
  • Lack of nutritious food leads to ill health, which in turn diminishes productivity, leading to decreased earning potential. 
  • Less income means less ability to purchase nutritious food. Hunger is connected to the prevalence of low-paying service-industry jobs coupled with a rising cost of living and growing food prices. 
  • All these factors combined significantly damage people’s ability to access adequate education and healthcare, keeping them stuck in a cycle of poverty and hunger. 

In a new approach to solving these challenges, we’re combining innovative technology with strategic investments. We’re working with food manufacturers, retailers, and third-party apps to launch our consumer charitable programs: Buy One Get One Redistribution software and Buy One Give One Cart Integration software. We’re also investing in existing organizations and providing grants to support effective solutions already on the ground.

As we meet current challenges, we look ahead to a brighter future for families across the U.S. My family and I invite you to join us as we strive to end hunger and create new opportunities for our community and yours.

Jose M. Garcia III